Monday, September 17, 2012

"Ninguém Despreze A Tua Mocidade"

I Timothy 4:12a - Let no one look down on your youthfulness (Ninguém Despreze A Tua Mocidade).
The Lord continues to bring to us challenging responsibilities that always end up blessing us more than we can imagine.  Last Sunday I began leading the Sunday school class for the youth of our church.  With my quite limited language capacity, we began working through and discussing the subject "Participating in the Mission of the Church" (a study written by BILD president Jeff Reed).  The youth are very gracious and patient with me, and we pray that the Lord will use these times of study to bring honor and glory to Him.  Please pray specifically that I will become more proficient in the language so that these studies will be fruitful.

The boys after our study playing Crokinole (only my Canadian friends know what that is:)
This past Friday we had the young men of the church over to our home for dinner and Bible discussion.  Lord-willing this will be a weekly occurrence, as we learn together what responsibilities God has for us as men.  We appreciate your prayers that these times would be fruitful, as the Lord has placed on me a burden to help these young men have a true passion to serve our great God!

We are also praising the Lord as I have been able to pick up teaching hours at a local company for the next 9 weeks!  I will be teaching a businessman not far from here each Saturday morning.  Please pray that I would be effective in my teaching, and that I would have the opportunity to share my faith with him.

Thank you for being our partners in ministry!


  1. Hi Jeff and Caryne,
    Guess what? My parents have a crokinole board in Riparius! We should have shown it to you and/or your family. My great-uncle made a board years ago, and then all the kids in my dad's family got to have one made for them too.
    My nephews love that game, and so do my boys now!

    1. Awesome :) Its a big hit with the guys here, like I figured it would be!